Free Tips: Running your first 10k

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I’m going to assume that you’re already in fair running shape, if not please consult your doctor before attempting anything listed on here.

Wondering if this works? Read my blog post on how this worked for me.

This is what I did to prepare for my first 10k

1) Do some Tabata Runs, twice a week, about 4 days apart. Please take your time with this.
2) Run at a comfortable pace for what the duration of the run will be, your body will get accustomed to this.
3) Do some kind of strength training, keep it simple, here’s a good resource. I went to my local gym and received an 8-week workout program
4) Diet? I experimented with some intermittent fasting, followed this dudes blog and these guys on Youtube
5)Get enough sleep

Now get out there and enjoy the training process!