Running My First 10K

I got passed up by an old man..

Alright, so the day after completing my first 5k run i realized something on that day. I needed to be stronger in order to endure the bigger runs to come. How could I gain more strength in my runs?, I asked myself. I decided on looking for some kind of strength training from the gym. It had been a year or so since I had left the gym and switched over to doing calisthenics out of my garage. I really enojoyed the calisthenics but realized that adding some weight training to my regimen was something that would help me build the endurance I was looking for out of my runs. I was browsing the internet and landed on anytime fitness gym near where I was staying at in Rialto,CA. They were offering a free 7-day pass and a physical assessment which included a customized workout plan for 8-weeks, I signed up immediately and headed of to the gym 15-minutes later. The gym was small but they had the equipment I was looking for. The physical assessment took about 45-minutes, and I was done for, after completing my first workout that same day. I set up my workout regimen like so: Monday,Wednesday, Friday was for strength training. Tuesday was set for tabata runs and Thursday was for a 45-minute fast paced run.

If you’re curious about my diet during this preparation, I decided to experiment with intermittent fasting and doing Carb Refeeding on strength training days. For the IF schedule, I would break my fast around 1pm. For the Carb Refeed days, I would break the fast with some sweet potatoes, sliced beets and some waffles. Also, I would eat a couple bowls of frosted mini wheats, the sweet potatoes are what filled me up the most. So at the end of the day, I was very full but felt well recovered from strength training the following day. Now it was race day, about a month and a half after the first 5k run. The location was the same place, Apple valley, CA, what can I say, i’m a fan of the high desert. Once again the night before was filled with anxiety and excitement for the run. I probably slept about 4-hours, no worries though, I still felt rested.

I arrive to the registration boot and get checked-in. This time my sister and nephews along with my mom are able to see me off. The run starts and i’m wondering what signs to follow because I didn’t here the instructions of where to go at the beginning. I follow the pack going to the right, I hope i’m going to right way. I stay with the pack-7 of us at the moment- and i’m trying not to go all out at the beginning as in the previous run. Don’t worry, I went all out and am regretting it, hopefully my second wind kicks in soon. Still, I keep pace and am now trailing behind the pack, i’m not in but I can still see them in front me. The path is following the same route as the 5k, instead of the turn-around we continue onto a dirt road. The dirt road was a big relief to my feet and definitely helped cushion my run. I’m seeing the pack turn, I pick up the pace. Once I make the turn, I see at the corner of my eyes a group of runners about to make the turn “holy moly, that’s a big group, I have to step it up”. I started marking my targets of runners I want to pass up. This one runner I passed up is now running along side me, “how long can I keep this pace? I ask myself. I push a bit harder and now i’m ahead and alone, this feels good. About a mile later this same runner is once again alongside me. “Damn, now how am I going to pick up the pace?” I try harder and am moving past the runner, he doesn’t budge, I have to keep pace.

After a couple minutes of keeping pace with this dude, I start to feel myself slip and this dude is now passing me. “no worries” i tell myself, “i’ll get him once I turn the corner”. I finally see him turn the corner and i’m thinking “it’s go time”, well it’s not go time because quickly after the corner there’s a quick turn and that leads to the finish line. And what made me run faster? A dog jumped over the fence and was quickly on my ass, literally. I made the turn and went all out to the finish line. I was happy with my time- 43:41. I  shook hands with the old guy who had passed me up. See, age doesn’t matter, this dude had conditioning, I have respect for him. Still, I am very proud of myself because I felt a whole lot stronger. I placed 3rd in my division and 5th overall, that’s impressive for me, considering there were 60+ people running this 10k. This is your friend Lorenzo signing off, please don’t give up, please don’t give in.

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