The Process I Used To Lose Weight, Stopped My Bad Habit(Pastries) and Started Eating Better

This is a method I used to break my bad habit of craving pastries, i’ll keep it short and sweet. Follow the slow-carb diet from The four hour body book or check out the blog post. On the “cheat” days, with your pastry of choice, take a bite and zap yourself with the pavlok device. On the following day, restart the slow-carb diet. Now during this week follow my routine on breaking your cravings: take 5-minutes out of your day, usually at the night before going to sleep,look up images of pastries and shock yourself during every image, keep swiping for 5-minutes, that’s pretty much it. On the following cheat day you will probably have less cravings, if still having cravings, don’t worry and keep on zapping.

I also asked the pavlok community through the facebook page for help, how’d they help? Pavlok recently announced a new feature called Pavlok Unlocked, it allows anyone with a link to remotely control your pavlok device by sending you a message with a zap, beep or vibration .I continued this routine for about two weeks. By the end of the two weeks I felt the cravings were no longer being triggered throughout my day. I decided to test out if this pavlok device was working or not, so on the cheat day I went to a buffet and walked by the pastries section, my mind felt no triggers. My first thought was “i’m good now”,not quite yet. I put this to the test and got a pastry and took a bite, I don’t feel any kind sensation, my cravings weren’t going crazy like before. I finished eating the pastry and asked myself if I wanted any more, I didn’t. After that day I was happy that I was able to zap away this bad habit. Now I just use my pavlok as an alarm, beating procrastination or as a timer for meditating.

Links and Resources Mentioned:

  • Pavlok device I used to break my bad habit- Pavlok
  • The diet I used to allow me cheat days- Slow-Carb Diet
  • The Four Hour Body-
  • You can send me some good vibes through my pavlok unlocked link here( I disable the shocks, and beeps, nice try though:)